Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Skate Map:

It's the best skatepark map ever. And it's about to be free.

This map is the best skatepark map out there. All of the parks are ranked on the map using shapes like they do for ski slopes. It's *incredibly* easy to use.

This thing is awesome!!! I use it literally *all* the time.

You save it to "Your Maps", which loads in your Google Maps app in your smartphone, and you can easily get directions to skateparks anywhere.

The Project

Here's what's up: Texas is completed, and I'm raising money to get the rest of the U.S. done.

It's amazing, it's *complete*, and it's time to get this thing off the ground.

Map Details

Here's some pictures of the map:

The map uses 4 symbols to rate skateparks to make it easy to figure out what you're looking at.

Parks are marked by size, quality, and fun-factor:

(5) Yellow Star = Meccas, Massive, and "Perfect" Parks

(4) Orange Diamond = Awesome / Fun Parks - large and keeps you skating with smooth surfaces, unique obstacles, and good transition riding

(3.5) Green Diamond = Above Average Park - usually mid-sized but definitely worth the trip

(3) Green Square = Good Parks - sometimes gnarly or rough skating, worth skating if you want to skate

(2) Brown = Above Average Prefab / Small DIY / Plaza


Here's what I can offer in exchange for sponsoring this project:


$5: Early access to The Skate Map
$25: A spot on our individual contributors list

$100: A Skate Map t-shirt


$25 or more: Add your skateshop to the map
$150: Add your company logo to the sponsors section of our website

Let's make it happen!! Click on the link below.